Project Description

A hybrid event
for the space sector

A hybrid event for the space sector

What colour comes to your mind when we speak of space? Black probably, like a clear starry sky on a summer night. However, the future of the European space sector will be green. More environmentally friendly both on Earth and in Space, this future is already in the works.

For the 11th consecutive year, Agent Majeur helped to organize an international conference gathering space agencies, research institutes and companies. For two days, experts from all over Europe presented the latest progress in their Research and Technology (R&T) projects.

And for the first time this year, the event took place in a hybrid format. As such, this edition on the theme of “Clean Space” allowed us to display a broad range of services. Our work involved three aspects: production, training and hosting.

A hybrid event

This hybrid conference included in-person speakers and a live audience, and was also simultaneously broadcasted online. Agent Majeur was thrilled to take on this technical challenge.

Due to confidentiality issues, a webcast protected by a password was created especially for the occasion. The replay of this conference is also available on a dedicated platform which follows the same security requirements.

In order to make this format more interactive, online participants were able to engage in question and answer sessions. Speakers thus answered the questions of both the audience in the room and online viewers.

This hybrid event also made it possible for speakers to do their presentation online via WebEx when they were unable to attend the conference.


Production was the most important aspect of this mission. Indeed, in addition to technical considerations such as light or sound required by staging, a hybrid event also needs to set up video recording and online broadcasting.

For example, this format requires a stable internet connection, technical teams to film the event and to prepare all the video media and PowerPoint presentations of speakers to synchronise them on the webcast and in the room. Agent Majeur oversaw all the technical aspects and made sure everything ran smoothly before and during the conference.


During these two days, experts and researchers presented their R&T projects for 20 minutes. Among them, about twenty speakers benefitted from a training in public speaking and scientific popularization to improve the clarity and impact of their presentation.


This type of conference naturally requires a master of ceremonies. The emcee was one of our consultants. A personalized presentation of the speakers, transitions, hosting question and answer sessions: these are just a few of the missions that our master of ceremonies performed in English during this two-day event in which more than 35 experts came on stage.

It was the first time that this conference took place in a hybrid format, and it was a complete success! This event was a rewarding mission for our teams, who were delighted to meet our clients in-person and to promote their R&T activities for a more environmentally friendly space sector.

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