Consulting in
science communication

Three questions are essential for communication. What are your goals? Who is your target audience? What actions to take? Straightforward questions, hard-to-find answers! Our collaborators, all formally trained scientists, provide you with their expertise in scientific communication and their knowledge of the research community to develop tailor-made recommendations.



We advise you how to do it

– Positioning diagnostic
– Development of communication strategies and campaigns
– Creation of messages and slogans
– Definition of editorial policies
– Design of communication media
– Site visits: auditing, showroom design and tour routes
– Creation of competitions, awards and patronage initiatives
– Development of oral presentations
– Event design
– Drafting of purchase specifications for communications services

Production for
science communication

You wish to set up a communication campaign or event. We can design the campaign beginning-to-end or work on designated parts of your project. Print or web communication, internal or external, specialist or public, oral presentations and site visits… Ask for the programme!



We do it for you

– Deployment of communication campaigns
– Conducting site visits (laboratories and factories)
– Conducting science workshops
– Science writing and popularization (posters, articles, press kits and releases, funding applications, etc.)
– Rewriting, translation and editorial support
– Creation of communication media (print, web, oral presentation slides, etc.)
– Creation of illustrations, photos and videos
– Artistic direction and creation of visual identities
– Creation of websites, SEO
– Community management
– Press relations management
– Creation of media and content for technical training

Training in
science communication

Promoting a research project, pitching an innovation, drafting a scientific article, enhancing funding applications; these are all everyday challenges we can help you take on! When you’ve completed our training courses, you will possess the methods and tools to boost your activities’ value on your own using newly-acquired speaking and writing skills.



We teach you how to do it

– Group or individual training
– Intra- or inter-company training
– Distance training: e-learning, MOOCs, coaching
– Development of training programmes
– Creation of tailor-made programmes
– Science communication workshops
– Talks on scientific communication
– Training the Trainer

Agent Majeur
and you

Your ideas have inspired us since the beginning. We’d love to keep up this invaluable dialogue with you. What services could we create to meet your needs? What training courses do you feel are missing? What topics would you like to see addressed in our blog? Send us your suggestions!