Public Speaking for Scientists

For the first time ever, at Agent Majeur we have released a book on the subject of science presentations. After 12 years of running training courses, we thought it was about time to put our experience out there to share with the world. In this book you will discover our SELL Method: Skeleton, Envelope, Life & Logistics. Tried-and-tested on over 2,500 scientists, engineers and innovators, this technique will guide you to prepare and deliver good presentations. Whether it be a 3-minute pitch or an hour-long plenary session, you will find pages of advice and practical exercises on how to improve public speaking.



Learn a tried and tested 3-step method for preparing engaging presentations


Adapt to your context and audience: pitches, science conferences, thesis defences and more


Discover tonnes of examples
of successful science presentations


“Public speaking is one of the most intimidating but crucial tasks in a scientist’s career. This book provides a welcoming, clear, step-by-step guide to improving your presentations at every level. Reading it and following its advice will make your science talks less frightening and more enjoyable.”

Dr. Laura Helmuth,
Editor-in-chief, Scientific American

“For scientists these days, the work is not done until it is communicated. And now that problem is solved. Solidly researched and immaculately written, SELL YOUR RESEARCH: Public Speaking for Scientists is a goldmine of useful advice. Whether you are brimming with confidence or just setting out, this gem of a guidebook will improve every presentation and nurture every budding science communicator.”

Dr. Stephen Webster,
Director of Science Communication Unit, Imperial College London


Alexia Youknovsky

Founder and CEO, Agent Majeur.
A chemical engineer by training, with experience in both research and consulting, Alexia was also an actress for six years. Twelve years ago, she created Agent Majeur, a science communication agency to provide specific services for stakeholders in research and innovation. She related to the constant pressure on scientists to communicate their activities and felt her combination of skills were a valuable asset. Now, she leads a team of science communication professionals with the objective of helping researchers promote their work through training, strategic planning, event production, graphic design, and various other activities.

James Bowers, PhD

Science communication consultant and trainer.
Passionate about science and media, British-born James obtained his PhD in Molecular Biology and Physiology in 2014. Upon completion, he was quickly swept up with the wave of young scientists choosing to devote themselves to research dissemination over the lab life. After experience presenting science to the general public in museums and events, he earned an MSc in Science Media Production from Imperial College London. He then worked in factual TV production and explained science on several shows. At Agent Majeur for over two years, James trains in public speaking and science writing, consults on a variety of science communication projects and hosts events.


Science magazine webinar

Each week, Science magazine organises a webinar aimed at scientists. On the 29th May 2019, the topic of discussion was science communication. Alexia Youknovsky, founder and CEO of Agent Majeur, was invited amongst a panel of experts to discuss how to communicate research successfully. In this webinar, supported by the Fondation IPSEN, Alexia shared her expertise and talked a little about the SELL Method.

Queen Mary University of London

James Bowers spoke to Andrea Cox, Careers Consultant at QMUL, about how he went from a PhD to Sci Comm Consultant. Growing up in Leeds he had always hoped that one day he would be able to study and work in France. In this interview, James reveals that, as a young scientist, he followed his dreams of talking about science to the world and his upcoming book.

The National UAE

Alexia Youknovsky was interviewed by the National UAE about the use of social media in Sci Comm. In particular the subject of the up and coming social network TikTok, currently used by NGOs to spread science messages to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Papa PhD Podcast

James Bowers spoke to David Mendes on his science communication podcast. Their discussion covered how science brought him from the bench to science popularisation, then into consulting at Agent Majeur and their upcoming book with Alexia Youknovksy.

Le Grand Labo

Alexia Youknovsky gives a rundown of the shift in science communication video content during the COVID-19 pandemic for the media Le Grand Labo. She interviewed some of the most prolific science communicators in France about how they adapted so quickly to the changing landscape (available in French only).

Relais de Sciences

James Bowers spoke to Agathe Franck from the association “Seme ta Science”. They chatted about his life and upcoming book, but also about the world of the science communication “private sector” in France. James described how the Agent Majeur vision of Sci Comm could combine with the public projects Agathe and others are involved in (available in French only).

Boost your science talks

Alexia and James hosted a live webinar in collaboration with MyScienceWork on the topic of science presentations. In it, they presented the three-step SELL Method and for each step they were joined by a guest to talk more about putting it into practise. Guests includes Elodie Chabrol, Renaud Pourpre and Aduragbemi Banke-Thomas.

Rock your life

Alexia Youknovsky was invited as a guest onto the daily YouTube live “Rock Your Life” by Francis Zentz. She talked about how to get the most out of science writing and how to do it well. She also chatted about SELL Your Research, and how she went about about publishing her method. Currently available in French only.


Our science communication blog

You have a science talk coming up? Research you want to share with the world? Experts in science communication, we have been contributing to our blog for over a decade. We provide public speaking tips for how to make a good science presentation. If you wish to find out more, feel free to contact us for a chat.

Hindawi Sci Comm Guide

To help scientists navigate their science communication activities, Hindawi have created their #SciCommGuide. Our consultant, James Bowers, is one of the Sci Comm specialists asked to participate. His articles cover a range of topics, the first of which is a whistle-stop tour through some of the different ways of communicating science to the public.