15 years
of science communication

Agent Majeur is a science communication agency founded in 2008. Since then, the research landscape has transformed. Scientists are under increasing pressure to publicise their activities, seek out funding, forge partnerships, and so forth. To navigate these tasks, they must cultivate their communication.

Alexia Youknovsky, CEO


Alexia is the founder and CEO of Agent Majeur. A chemical engineer by training, with research experience, 14 years ago she identified the need to create an agency specialising in science communication. Since then, Alexia and her team have been advising scientists on how best to promote their research in both French and English. Alexia is co-auther of the book “SELL Your Research” published by Springer.

Agent Majeur


Annick, a doctor in biochemistry, first worked as a life sciences researcher at CNRS, and subsequently in the pharmaceutical industry. She has penned popular articles in magazines such as La Recherche and Biofutur. Annick is currently involved in several areas including: consulting, training in oral and written communication, technical writing, development, and presenting guided tours.

Agent Majeur


An engineering graduate from INSA Lyon, Francis began his career in the sale of high-tech products. A firm believer in human potential and passionate about improving it, he became a Master Practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming. Trilingual in French, German and English, he also gives talks and leads training courses on science communication.

Agent Majeur


Eric, a doctor in neuroscience, is also a science writer and publisher. He began his career at Larousse and has written and edited many popular books for the general public and young audiences. Editor-in-chief of science and lifestyle magazines, Eric is specialized in creating and maintaining blogs and websites. Eric conducts training programmes on written communication and editorial design workshops.

‘A scientific mind is vital for understanding scientists and helping them to better communicate.’

Agent Majeur


Sandrine is a trained pharmacist who turned to journalism at the beginning of her carrier. She worked in the written press as well as television and radio: news articles, TV reports, interviews… Sandrine writes and leads training courses on written and oral communication: media training, public speaking and effective writing.

Agent Majeur


Holding a Master’s degree in anthropology, Heïdi is a professional English translator and proofreader specialized in the scientific and medical fields. She also leads training courses focused on medical and scientific communication for researchers, Master and PhD students.

morgane community manager

Community manager

Morgane has a PhD in Animal Genetics and completed her studies with a Master’s Degree in communication and digital marketing in order to share scientific knowledge, especially through digital media. Social networks fascinate her, and she manages several communities on LinkedIn, Instagram, X and Facebook.

Agent Majeur

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer, illustrator et artistic director, Julian is a graduate of LISAA, l’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués. He is involved in multiple graphic design projects. From a brief to a final design, this athlete of aesthetics designs visual identities and page layouts.

Lola science communication

Office Manager

Lola completed a double degree, combining administrative management and digital strategy. She naturally joined Agent Majeur to harness her skills as office manager and community manager. The fact that she has several strings to her bow is a great asset for our human-sized agency!

Agent Majeur

Head of HR

The last member of the team, Albert successfully obtained his PhD in Physics from l’Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale in Zürich. After a very testing internship, and taking into account his scientific expertise, Albert found himself trusted with the task of recruiting consultants and trainers.

value and communication

‘Adding value to science.’ Why would a science communication agency choose such a slogan? Research and innovation bring value to institutions but also, on a grander scale, society. Yet for this, funding is often needed, as is time for the integration of the solutions they provide. By putting research and scientific breakthroughs under the spotlight, Agent Majeur helps to add even more value to projects.


At the office or in the shower, we put our heads together and brainstorm with clients, to come up with ideas (almost) 24 hours a day.


When faced with a problem, we ask ourselves the right questions, in the right order. Because that’s how you come up with the right answers!


Because science certainly doesn’t work on approximations, we do background research on the subjects we work on.


We consider ourselves lucky to be in a fantastic line of work, finding ideas that engage minds with lasting impact.

The history
of Agent Majeur

Our story begins with an epiphany . Alexia Youknovsky is focused on inventing her dream job, one that will allow her to merge her different skills. With a degree in chemistry, experience in research and consulting, and after working for 6 years as a comedian, this unusual career inspires her and something clicks. She elects to create a new type of company, a science communication agency.

Swaying the market

Being a pioneer is not easy, especially not at first. « Why help scientists to communicate? They do it all the time! » This question returns constantly when Alexia undertakes this entrepreneurial venture. As it turns out, Alexia’s insight was spot-on and she steadily wins over her market.

Getting a head start

But being first has its perks, including getting a head start. Agent Majeur is familiar with the research community, its actors, how they work and they communicate. Our agency has always known what works in our field, and we keep a close eye on new trends.

Making the right decisions

Nowadays, the question our team must now answer is not « Why? », but « How? ». How can we promote activities in research and innovation? Effective communication has become essential. Thanks to our expertise and our support, our clients are able to make the right choices.

Join us

We’re constantly on the lookout for new talent to further reinforce our team. Look over our job openings, and if your dream job isn’t on offer, send us a spontaneous application.


You will be required to conduct oral or written communication training sessions for a scientific audience. You work on the basis of specific projects for our customers in France or in Europe, in the industrial R&D or services sector.


You have an initial background in a scientific field (computing, biology, mathematics, chemistry, physics…) and a practical professional experience in communication. Alternatively, you are a communication professional and you specialise in science (e.g. a scientific journalist or a technical writer).
You are proficient in English and in another language – French, German or Spanish, which allows you to conduct training courses throughout Europe.

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To support our projects, we are looking for experienced native-English science writers. Your job will consist of drafting (web or intranet) articles, press release kits and brochures, as well as conducting science writing training courses in English.


You have an educational background in the sciences (graduate level, engineer, or doctor) and your mother tongue is English. You draft scientific and technical documents on a professional basis. Ideal applicants have already conducted science writing training workshops.

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We are looking for a communications officer for a full-time internship for a period of 4 months. The successful candidate will be involved in:

– managing our monthly newsletter
– working on the referencing of our website
– community management (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)
– updating our communication materials
– writing articles for our blog
– organising events


You have at 2-years of university, you are currently doing an undergraduate or masters degree in communication or business. You speak English well and are able to write effectively. You are organised, dynamic, reliable and autonomous.

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To support our projects, we sometimes call upon experienced scientific translators in English to translate articles (web and intranet), press release kits and brochures.


You possess an educational background in the sciences (graduate level, engineer, or doctor) and your mother tongue is English. You translate scientific and technical material on a professional basis, or you are a translation professional specialized in a scientific field.

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28 JUNE 2023

15 years of #scicomm

Agent Majeur was created 15 years ago: this is a great opportunity to take stock! All in all, we trained 3800 people, we produced 180 videos and we satisfied more than 200 clients. All this has been possible thanks to our amazing team of consultants, writers, graphic designers, trainers, video directors, stage designers and other professionals.

19 SEPT. 2022

New missions in America

This fall, Agent Majeur looks to America. We have the great pleasure of carrying out two missions for North-American clients, in the United-States and in Canada. Our agency is used to working in English and in several European countries but we are nonetheless quite proud to expand our activities across the Atlantic.

13 SEPT. 2021

A quality certification for Agent Majeur

After two years, the same gestation period as elephants, we are very pleased to announce that we have finally obtained the QUALIOPI certification attesting to the quality of our training courses.