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Space tech:
the race continues!

Space tech: the race continues!

At the end of 2018, Agent Majeur was away with the stars. Our teams were working with researchers involved in not one but two international space conferences!

The first event was last October in Bremen, Germany. Around 20 French and German experts were trained to present their technological research in the presence of thousands of attendees. Speakers were first coached from afar by sending their PowerPoint slides to a dedicated public speaking trainer who then helped them improve and structure their speeches. Next, they attended a presentation training session – alone or in pairs – to perfect their presentations for the day. Different presentation formats were developed, each with different durations, audience sizes and presentation aids. Some presentations were even interactive allowing attendees to follow talks of interest via touchscreens.

Secondly, for the 9th consecutive year Agent Majeur participated in the preparation of presenters at an international R&T conference held in Munich in November. The theme of this edition was on launcher technologies for horizon 2030. Accordingly, the objective of this conference was to develop research partnerships with big groups, SMEs and public laboratories. With this goal in mind, thirty speakers were trained to present plenary or short-talks on their projects. In parallel, around 15 posters in English developed with our teams that were to be made available in the breakout spaces. Finally, on the day of the conference four of our trainers were present to attend the presentations and analyse them to provide constructive feedback to the speakers.

This vast project in space technology saw our teams develop over 50 presentations in English on a variety of subject including propulsion, materials, software engineering and avionics. Without a doubt, these European space industry conferences are a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about new space tech!

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