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Online conference
for Or-Nano

Online research conference

Why go so far as cancelling your conference when it could be just as good online? Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, numerous events have been pushed back or even suspended entirely. Instead, the Or-Nano research group pulled out all the stops to maintain their yearly conference by hosting two morning sessions 100% online.

Supported by the CNRS, Or-Nano regroups nearly 600 researchers in 74 different teams in France. Their objective is to facilitate advances in the field of gold nanoparticles and understand how they can be used in different domains: such as medicine, catalytics or electronics.

Every year, Or-Nano organizes a conference during which its members can discuss their research with one another. Unable to hold it in person in 2020, the team contacteded Agent Majeur to help them put together a digital alternative.

Our initial advice was to split the conference into two hour-long sessions, one week apart. To create a dynamic atmosphere, the meetings were animated by a professional journalist, Mathieu Rouault. He took on the task of presenting the speakers, managing the time and maintaining rhythm with relevant questions.

We also split up the different sequences of the “live” with short video intervals. On the technical side of the event, we were responsible for managing the video and integrating it into Or-Nano’s YouTube channel and keeping an eye on the chat.

Finally, our project covered public speaking training of the 4 speakers, each of whom prepared a 20-minute research presentation. This coaching was held in a mix of joint and individual sessions. The specificities of video-conferences were taken into account, and we helped the speakers construct their talks and presentation supports ahead of the day.

The digital Or-Nano conferences were held on the 19th and 26th June 2020. You can watch them back on replay on the Or-Nano YouTube channel (in French only).

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