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New materials
for the space industry

New materials for the space industry

Space: the final frontier? Sixty years ago back at the time of Yuri Gagarin, right at the beginning of our quest to space, very few government institutions were able to join the race. Today, more than 70 of them are now battling it out in this highly competitive market. And the space economy continues to grow. Scientific research aboard the ISS or putting a satellite into orbit around Earth are now commonplace. The global market is set to triple between now and 2040, shifting from $350 billion to over $1000 billion.

To keep up with the growing demand for access to space, the European industrial sector is investing in technological research. To make it off ground whilst going against the force of gravity, rockets need to be lighter in order to consume less fuel. Hence, one of the key aspects is the reduction of rocket launcher and satellite weights.

The space industry are constantly looking at new materials in order to make a significant difference to this global effort to reduce rocket mass. Hence, why it is at the heart of a large international R&T conference Agent Majeur has been working on. For the past ten years, our team has trained the speakers ahead of the event, in English. Skills brought by our communication trainers include how to define a message, structure a speech and improve PowerPoint slides.

For this edition, around 20 European researchers will present their research projects, which aim to respond to the challenge of finding new materials and structures. They will each have 20 minutes to explain their work and present their results. Around 300 people are expected to attend the event which will take place mid-November. Without a doubt, all these ambitious projects will help them stay in the race to the stars!

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