Training in
how to pitch

You have less than 3 minutes to present your research, an innovation or technical facilities. This is an opportunity to grab the attention of your audience. As the popular saying goes, ‘less is more’. To focus your pitch, you must learn how to make an informed choice about the amount of information you use, how to structure your argument and to leave room for the imagination. Over two days, this training course will enable you to acquire a range of tools and use them for your pitch.


Build a clear argument
Captivate your audience
Create a connection
Prepare your pitch


Build a clear argument
Formulate an impactful message
Select the important information
Develop an effective plan

Capture your audience
Find the right level of popularization
Learn tools to make a lasting impression
Refine your introduction and conclusion

Create a connection
Directly address your audience
Talk to them about what interests them
Use eye contact and silence

Prepare your pitch
Rehearse your presentation
Identify your strong points and areas for improvement
Be more at ease


Our team has already trained more than 1200 people in pitching skills for internal events, innovation competitions or award ceremonies. Check out the video below to find out what some of our trainees thought of the session.


You wish to participate in a training course on how to pitch. Below you will find feedback from former participants.

Very relevant training. Precise tools applied to our pitch. Very good trainer with an excellent expertise in the subject.” – Anaïs, May 2022

Very interesting training both in its approach and its structure. I feel like I made progress.” – Nicolas, April 2022

“A relevant training course which is very pleasant to follow. I appreciated the flexibility of the program which makes it possible to adjust the content of the course to answer our expectations”. – Florence, April 2022

“I was impressed to learn how many small details could improve my presentations even though I consider myself as a very experienced speaker.” – Helena, September 2021

“At first, I was a little bit skeptical about this kind of courses but now I’m absolutely happy to have followed it, very useful!” – Michele, July 2021

“Very good trainer. Interesting, competent, and straightforward. He got the messages across and guided us.” – Anne-Laure, March 2021

“The instructor was very professional and he adapted himself to all scientific subjects. The course materials are also very explicit and therefore very clear.”  – Mihaja, December 2020


2 days

Languages available


People concerned

Speakers who may have to make presentations in less than 3 minutes

Number of participants

Up to 6 people

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