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You are opening your doors to visitors and you would like to promote your activities. Be them students, decision-makers or clients, you have very little time to explain your work and show them around your facilities. How can you define the messages to convey? How can you explain a technique without getting lost in details? During this training course, we will teach you a method to prepare your visitsthat is adapted to suit you. Then, when your visit is ready, you will test it with external people. 


Discover the features of site visits
Raise and maintain the audience’s interest
Develop a targeted message
Use attractive presentation materials
Encourage exchanges with your audience


Discover the features of site visits
Become a protagonist of your visit
Define a structure that suits your ‘décor’

Raise and maintain the audience’s interest
Build a dynamic tour route
Forge a connection between your field and your audience
Use metaphors, humour, anecdotes
Stick to the allotted time

Develop a targeted message
Communicate with clients
Talk to decision makers
Speak to an audience of students

Use attractive presentation materials
Show off your facilities
Use drawings, charts, pictures, videos, posters, samples, mock-ups…

Encourage exchanges with your audience
Stimulate dialog
Prepare ‘question-and-answer’ sessions


You wish to participate in a training course to improve your visits. Below you will find feedback from former participants.

“The training course answered our needs and made it possible to acquire key information to conduct a successful laboratory visit. The trainer is very attentive and resourceful.” – Anaïs, March 2022

The trainer was good at explaining and gave us valuable advice so that we may improve.  – Jérôme, March 2022

“The training was very pleasant. The trainer took great care to give us a lot of personalized feedback and to interact with the group. Very positive and friendly atmosphere.” – Dominique, February 2020

“The content and the illustrations were personalized. We left with a very clear idea of the ways to implement the things we learned.” – Annabelle, February 2020

“The training course had many fruitful exchanges.” – Etienne, November 2019

“My objective was to develop a laboratory visit. Unlike what I thought, it is doable.” – Virginie, October 2019


2 days

Languages Available


People concerned

Any person who may conduct visits

Number of participants

Up to 6 people

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