Project Description

Showroom design
for a research department

© Agent Majeur

In a research centre, visits provide a valuable moment to showcase skills and create a connection with visitors. A showroom, an important step in a guided tour, allows researchers to reveal their work to your guests in an interactive and understandable manner.

An R&T department specialising in software requested that we design their showroom. For this we put together a dedicated team: a manager, a consultant specialised in site visits and a scenographer. This project began with an exchange with the client to get a good grasp of their objectives and constraints. Who are the visitors? How are their site visits currently run? What image do they want their visitors to leave with? Once we had established the framework, we refined our understanding of the client’s expectations by meeting up with their researchers.

© Agent Majeur

In the showroom, 6 research projects will be presented at once. But each project having its own agenda and limited time, we needed to create a space capable of evolving over prolonged use. Groups of visitors are generally limited to 5 people. We ensured that a good flow around the room was possible within the constraint of limited floorspace. Above all, the showroom needed to inspire visitors: journalists, internal clients and public funders. Before even talking to an expert, it provides an immersion in the environment and identity of our client.

Flyover video of the showroom and central island © Agent Majeur

As a teaser, from the access corridor a wall which is partially glazed gives a view into the room without fully exposing it. Then, during the visit, visual effects will surprise visitors: hiding places, original furniture and innovative lighting. To step out of the virtual and into real-life, objects are exposed on a central island or in its alcoves. A real technological window, this showroom represents its own specific element, whilst being integrated into a wider tour route including other onsite laboratories. In the end, our team has designed a lively space, full of surprises and capable of better marking the memory of visitors.

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