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Logo: Salome Meca

If you’re asking yourself how a dam will react to strong seismic activity or a concrete arena shifts in warm temperatures, then you’ve probably already heard of Code_Aster. Developed by EDF R&D, this free, participative software allows you to study mechanical behaviour of different structures. It’s a tool used by the science community, in particular in industry and academia: researchers, lecturers and students.

And the science community is where we, at Agent Majeur, like to hang out. That’s why for Code_Aster and Agent Majeur it has been a match made in heaven! For the past two years, our teams have been working hand in hand with EDF to help increase the software’s visibility. Several productions have already been born from this partnership: a communication strategy, PowerPoint slides and, more recently, recommendations and a design for their future website. Out of this collaboration, a new baby has been born: a logo for Salome_Meca, an online platform to facilitate the use of Code_Aster.

Logos: Code Aster and Salome Meca

The combination of different tools to consider was written into our design brief. For example, the two logos will often be used together. Our goal was to project quality, performance and ergonomics in the field of mechanics. The choice of colours also needed to reflect EDF’s brand. Our new Salome_Meca logo fulfils all of these expectations and even more; when you love something, you don’t keep count…

To learn more about the 6 characteristics of a good logo, head on over to our blog.

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