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Getting millions in funding

« 100% of the winners tried their luck! » reads the French lottery slogan invented in the 90’s. At Agent Majeur, we do not gamble but we do put all the odds in your favour Indeed, 100% of the research projects that we coach hit the jackpot. In less than 12 months, we successfully helped four funding applications to win a staggering 200 million euros.

Winning over the jury

Funding programs for research projects involve multiple steps. First, applicants need to write the funding application, which specifies the objectives of the project, the partners involved, the budget and the necessary resources (e.g. equipment, buildings). Then, if the research project is selected, comes the time for the grant proposal presentation. This exercise requires a thorough preparation to convince the jury. The presentation must demonstrate that the project is viable and that its team is trustworthy.

Polishing the pitch

To prepare a high-stakes oral presentation, it is not unusual to ask colleagues or friends/relatives for advice. But those who decide to rely on the services of Agent Majeur are wise indeed. With our expertise, participants can select the arguments with the most impact, clarify their presentation materials, and gain confidence. Quite a challenge, given that participants only have a limited amount of time. Most of the grant proposal presentations last 10 minutes and candidates generally only have two weeks to get ready.

2 winning projects in 2022

In 2022, we helped two teams to submit their projects to a French research grant (the Programmes et équipements prioritaires de recherche – PEPR). For their grant proposal presentation in English, we coached the researchers on the team to help them clarify their content, coordinate their speech and speak with conviction. Both projects won, and were awarded 50 and 70 M€, respectively.

Funding university hospital institutes

In 2023, two teams from university hospital institutes requested our assistance for the preparation of their grant proposal presentation in English. We helped the speakers to better present the various pathologies, the stakes involved, and to show that they were competent to manage these institutes. The results came out last month. Not only did those two teams win, but they were awarded the maximum amount of funding, namely 30 to 40M€ each.

Two more winning projects already

« Thank you very much++ for your support! »
« Your help for the oral presentation was very important – every detail counts during this exercise. »

We are thrilled to share this heart-warming feedback. Especially since these new hospitals will allow thousands of patients to be better diagnosed and to benefit from cutting-edge treatments.

In all, almost 200M€ in funding were obtained with our help in less than a year. And moving forward, we are keeping our fingers crossed. Indeed, we just finished the coaching of a new research project. We are eagerly awaiting the results. Patience is a virtue!

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