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New challenges
for the European space sector

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Space: the final frontier? Not anymore. In the 60’s, at the beginning of space exploration, only a few governmental institutions embarked on this adventure. Today, however, hundreds of public and private actors engage in this highly competitive market.

An evolving market

Scientific research on the International Space Station (ISS) or the in-orbit delivery of microsatellites have become common activities. And the space economy continues to grow. The global market is expected to triple by 2040 and should rise to more than 1000 billion dollars.

To answer the growing global demand for access to space, the European space industry is investing in technological research. The future of the European space sector will be reusable, scalable and designed for manned missions. And its sights are set on the lunar orbit!

These objectives require changes in logistics and new mobility solutions in space. Which is why these topics are at the heart of a major international Research & Technology conference. Agent Majeur provided coaching in public speaking ahead of the event.

Projects to promote

It is not the first time Agent Majeur has worked on the conference. For 13 years, we have trained speakers in English for each edition of the R&T Days. Combining group and individual sessions, this coaching allows all participants to perfect their oral presentation. Building the speech, improving PowerPoint presentations, managing the performance on stage are all aspects on which the experts work with our communication trainers.

During this 2023 edition, around 20 European researchers presented their research projects. They had 20 minutes to explain their approach and to share their results in order to meet the challenges hereabove. Nearly 250 people attended the event which took place in Bremen, Germany. These ambitious projects will undoubtedly help Europe to build a bright future for its space sector.

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