Project Description

3D illustrations
for products derived from Landes pines

With one million hectares, the Landes forest in France is one of the largest in Europe. It mainly contains maritime pines (Pinus pinaster) which can reach a height of up to 30 meters at maturity. The local forestry activity is focused on logging and wood processing for construction, packaging or the production of pulpwood. But not only…

Indeed, pine resin has disinfectant and cleansing properties. These make it a raw material of major industrial interest for hygiene products and insecticides. To answer this need, the company Action Pin specializes in the manufacturing of products derived from turpentine, resin and seed oil from maritime pines.

3D illustrations to visualise “the science” of formulations

To explain the technical nature of its products, Action Pin opted for 3D illustrations. These make it possible to visualize what happens at the microscopic scale for a range of products: cosmetic ingredients, disinfectants or detergents, for example. In all, no less than seven terpene-based formulations have thus been represented.

3D illustration of a microemulsion
3D illustration of a microemulsion, a formulation which optimizes terpene properties.

A diverse team to select the content

This mission involved a team made of different experts: a consultant, a 3D illustrator and a graphic designer. The team broke down the processes and simplified them in order to make them understandable at first glance. Available in French and in English, these illustrations will serve as communication material on Action Pin’s website and in their commercial presentations.

Nature has astonishing properties which deserve to be promoted. And these qualities are particularly worth spreading when they also contribute to the economic growth of a beautiful French region!

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