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digital communication

You want to spread your research results to a wider audience. To do this, you can turn to social networks such as Twitter and Instagram. This training course is carried out in two steps. Before the session, we will show you how to create accounts on the social media you want to communicate on. Then, on the day of your course, you will discover the fundamentals of using social media, learn how to use them effectively and familiarise yourself with software that will help you have a bigger impact.


Use social media
Make your style more dynamic
Familiarise yourself with associated software


Use social media
Define communication objectives
Learn how to optimise your social media use

Make your style more dynamic
Simplify and shorten your sentences
Remove dead weight and jargon
Introduce examples and images

Familiarise yourself with associated software
Learn to use a graphic tool
Use software to plan your publications


Our social media training course can be adapted to suit the needs of your researchers and the networks they use: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and/or Facebook. During this module scientists learn how to present their research projects on social media and start building their digital community. Check out what our recent trainees had to in the video below.


You wish to participate in a training course in digital communication . Below you will find feedback from former participants.

“I highly appreciated the fact that, from the beginning, the training course was customised and that the discussions were tailored to our needs.” – Colas, June 2022

“The trainer knew how to answer our questions and illustrated her explanations with examples from her LinkedIn profile. She also recommended software that we did not know and which will be very useful in the future.” – Bisma, June 2022

“Very good training course. It opens up great perspectives and inspires us new ways to develop our activities! The course was smooth, 100% practical, based on examples and discussions.” – Marie, February 2022

“We had a good overview of the different applications and the training really makes us want to take action. The training and the sharing of experience were splendid. I highly recommend this course.” – Florence, February 2022

“The training was really customized to our needs. Great energy and teaching skills, thank you.” – Virginie, October 2020

“I think Twitter is a very powerful tool if you know how to use it, and I didn’t, so I found the training very helpful.” – Maria, November 2019


1 day

Languages available


People concerned

Scientists (experts, researchers, engineers or technicians) or communicators

Number of participants

Up to 8 people

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