Project Description

Reveal the invisible
with motion design

a 2d motion design film

© Total

Since the dawn of time, human beings have tried to represent the world around them. But how can you show things that happen underground, in the depths of the Earth? Total reveals the unseen thanks to reservoir models. In order to promote a new tool used to make these models even more reliable, Agent Majeur just created a 2D motion-design film.

Reservoir models are built from geological and geophysical data collected on oil and gas fields. They create images of the underground which allow to evaluate reserves and show where to drill wells.

If reserves are sufficient, after the exploration phase, drilling operations begin. During this production phase, new data are collected, such as for example the flow of liquid hydrocarbons in the wells. This information is used to fine-tune models: it is called calibration. Reservoir models are thus calibrated throughout the life of a field.

After 10 years of research and development, experts at Total Exploration-Production (Total E&P) have created Ensemble History Matching (EnHM). This unique approach in the oil industry can calibrate not one, but hundreds of reservoir models simultaneously, with an unprecedented level of accuracy. Indeed, this Ensemble method can take into account uncertain parameters for all the processed data.

To demonstrate the advantages of this tool and popularize this technical subject, Total E&P chose to develop a motion-design film with a conceptual style. Agent Majeur handled all the stages of production, from the writing of the script to the rendering of HD files.

Available in French and in English, these videos are intended for internal and external clients. For this well-informed public, Agent Majeur chose to highlight the special features of this solution. By revealing the invisible, EnHM provides a more reliable prediction for future production. The stakes are high, since the objective is to maximize and speed up the production of fields while reducing costs and controlling their environmental impact.

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