Science writing
training course

You want to write a scientific article capable of appealing to a technical journal or seducing a jury of experts in your field.
For this, you must summarise a complex research topic, making it appealing and understandable, whilst highlighting the novelty of your approach within the scope of current advances in your field.
This science writing training course will help you to acquire a method and the tools to take on the task of writing an article. You will apply them to your own research topic so that you can begin writing.


Adapt your text to the expectations of your target journals
Structure your article
Make your results readable
Improve your writing style


Adapt your text to the expectations of your target journals
Know the evaluation criteria of the journals
Check out the types of articles accepted
Respect the imposed formats

Structure your article
Select and organise the information you wish to highlight
Define an unambiguous title
Build a strong summary and abstract

Make your results readable
Learn the rules of a good page layout
Include good quality illustrations

Improve your writing style
Shorten and simplify your sentences
Stop using obscure language
Find a good rhythm for your content
Diversify your use of words


You wish to participate in a training course in science writing. Below you will find feedback from former participants.

“I enjoyed this training course; it was interactive and informative. I am more confident now to start writing articles, and I think I can do it without any help.” – Baptiste, April 2024

“Extremely useful and helpful. One of the best courses I have ever taken.” – Ivan, July 2023

“A clear and interesting training course. A dynamic teaching method with many exchanges to answer our questions. The trainer adapted to participants with different profiles and expectations.” – Delphine, September 2022

“Teaching methods were great. We could also participate and put in practice what was learnt.” –  Alejandro, September 2022

“The trainer had great teaching skills, and showed interest in my field of expertise to answer my needs. Thank you!” – Roxane, June 2021

“Practical course, with a lot of interaction and an attentive trainer. Effective and pleasant.” – Sylvie, October 2020

“The training was completely adapted to our needs. The practical exercises made it possible to realise what we can achieve in a limited amount of time. The training course was great, even online.” – Cyrille, June 2020

“A very rewarding training experience, practical, makes it possible to get to work. I realised that I can be productive even in a small amount of time.” – Isabelle, June 2020


2 days

Languages available


People concerned

Any person who may write a scientific article

Number of participants

Up to 6 people

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