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You want to write a PhD thesis which shows off your research in its best light and will trigger your jury’s interest. For this, you need to pull a complex piece of work together, making it attractive and understandable whilst respecting the rules of thesis dissertation writing. This training course will provide you with a method and all the tools you may need along the way. During this course you will also discover how to apply them to your own research and start writing.


Define your communication objectives
Structure your dissertation
Make your results clear
Streamline your style


Define your communication objectives
Know the evalutation critera of a PhD
Select and organise important information
Define an explicit title

Structure your dissertation
Identify the content you want to appear in your document
Define an overall plan and a more specific plan for a subsection

Make your results clear
Acquire graphic design rules
Include quality illustrations

Streamline your style
Simplify and shorten your sentences
Improve your written English
Make the content more dynamic and diversify your language


You wish to participate in a training course on how to write your PhD thesis. Below you will find feedback from former participants.

“It was really great! I learned plenty of things. Moreover, I had the opportunity to work with my own thesis material, which is a banger! Can’t be better in my opinion. Thanks.” – Simon, March 2024

“The presentation is clear and well-organized, with a lot of practice. It provides a good overview of what needs to be done, along with many methods for improving writing skills.” – Robin, February 2024

“I am very satisfied. Duration of the program is exactly long enough to cover all the important points. I really think all PhD students should attend this training course.” – Marina, June 2023

“The program was great, good length, and very pertinent. It was a very dynamic course that kept you in tuned and involved, which significantly helped me retain the information.” – Catherine, March 2023

“One of the best experiences in a training course. Really learned a lot of positive things about writing the thesis and scientific documents in general.” – Abhishek, January 2023

“I am happy with this training course for it has given me a lot of tools to start the writing of my PhD thesis peacefully.” – Alix, June 2022

“The course is excellent. It has a good structure for every part of the thesis. Thanks to the trainer, I’ve learned a lot on how to improve my writing and the way to organize ideas.” – Quang, June 2022

“The animation was very structured and lively, keeping the participant active and interested, even over Zoom, which is very positive.” – Dimitri, January 2022


3 days

Languages available


People concerned

Doctoral candidates

Number of participants

Up to 8 people

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