Video conference

You are going to speak during a research event, using video conference.
How can you adapt your content and posture to this online format? How can you capture the attention and sustain the focus of an invisible audience? How can you promote your research in a virtual world?
During this video conference training, you will learn how to take full advantage of the tools at your disposal to captivate, unite and develop your network.


Manage the technical aspects of a video conference
Build clear arguments
Create a connection with your audience
Show that you are involved physically
Develop your network


Manage the technical aspects of video conferences
Know the features of the systems used: Zoom, Teams…
Control the quality of sound and image
Choose a suitable location

Build clear arguments
Prepare an efficient framework
Refine your presentation mediums
Find the right degree of popularization

Create a connection with your audience
Talk about subjects your audience is interested in
Boost interactions : surveys, questions…
Vary the types of mediums used
Use storytelling to make an impression

Show that you are physically involved
Lower your stress by controlling your breathing
Learn how to gaze, use silence and adopt body language
Speak with conviction

Develop your network
Promote future collaborations
Share a specific medium at the end of the speech
Plan discussions in small groups after the conference


You wish to participate in a training course on video conferencing. Here is some feedback from participants.

“This training exceeded my expectations. The trainer was very committed and attentive. I thank him for everything I’ve learned. It is one of the best training courses I have attended” – Dairo, September 2022

“The training followed the program but also answered the different questions of participants. Wow!” –  Marie-Christine, February 2021

“The fact that we could test the advice that was given with feedback from participants and the trainer is a real plus.”  Catherine F., February 2021

“A good balance between theory and practice. The teaching methods also improve group cohesion and allow discussions on good practices in the future.” –  Catherine B., February 2021

“I greatly appreciated this training which helped me to improve my technical knowledge and to structure my presentations and arguments.” – Nazanine, January 2021


2 days for a physical training course
or 4 half days for a virtual course

Languages available


People concerned

Any person required to speak during meetings, conferences or conventions using video conference

Number of participants

Up to 6 persons

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