Personalised training
in science writing

Answering a call for projects, writing a grant proposal or a progress report. There are many opportunities in which scientists need to write high-stake documents. The way they will be read and understood can have important repercussions for you and your institution. This training course on effective writing entails three steps. Before the training session, you will send a document you want to work on to your trainer who will analyse its content. On the training day, you will learn about science writing fundamentals and the best way to apply them to your case. After the training session, you will benefit from personalised advice until the completion of your document.


Specify your key message(s)
Streamline your style


Specify your key message(s)
Define your communication objectives
Rework your argument
Enhance the titles and reading levels
Optimise the style and structure your summary

Streamline your style
Simplify and shorten your sentences
Get rid of waffle and jargon
Give rythm to the content and diversify your expressions
Introduce examples and images


You wish to participate in a training course in science writing. Below you will find feedback from former participants.

“The rhythm of the training course was very pleasant: theoretical training and tools / examples / exercises / breaks, everything was done at the right time. Dense, but exactly like it should be. The personal coaching session was also well thought-out.” – Charlotte, September 2021

The fact that we work on concrete examples and receive tutored training, is very valuable. The trainer quickly understands the context and challenges of the written texts, and uses them very well for educational purposes!” – Olivier, July 2021

“I have the feeling that I learned a lot of things that change the way I approach scientific writing.” – Paola, July 2021

“The last part, an individual coaching session, is undoubtedly an advantage to build on some theoretical notions or new skills.” – Catherine, July 2021

“The trainer was attentive and very kind. She answered my questions and guided me so that I may improve my writing skills. Thank you!” – Lauriane, June 2021


1 day in a group
+ 3 hr of individual coaching

Languages available


People concerned

Scientists (researchers, engineers, technicians…) who are writing high stake documents

Number of participants

Up to 6 people

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