Training in
popularising science

You are an expert in your field and you wish to convey your knowledge to a lay audience. How can complex notions be made simple? During this training session, you will apply the tools of science popularisation to your subject. And you will discover countless new ideas to use on a daily basis.


Master the rules of science popularisation
Structure your talk
Raise and maintain the audience’s interest
Build a targeted message
Use attractive presentation materials


Master the rules of popularisation
Discover the 6C’s of science popularisation of Agent Majeur:
Clarity, Connection, Context, Concrete, Color and Conversation.

Structure your speech
Understand your audience’s expectations
Refine your subject
Build a dynamic plan

Raise and maintain the audience’s interest
Take advantage of your creativity
Refine your introduction and conclusion

Build a targeted message
Talk to an audience of students
Talk to decision makers: marketing managers, commercial directors, financial backers…
Communicate with the end client: users

Use attractive presentation materials
Use drawings, charts, pictures, videos
Bring samples
Clarify your PowerPoint slides

6C’s of science popularisation

To make the multiple popularisation techniques easier to remember, we brought them together under a banner, the 6C’s of science popularisation. Behind this name are 6 key ingredients to popularise: Clarity, Connection, Context, Concrete, Color and Conversation.

6 techniques to popularise and adapt your work to your audience, the 6C's of science popularisation: clarity, connection, context, concrete, color, conversation.


You wish to participate in a training course in science popularisation. Below you will find feedback from former participants.

“It was a very good training course, very rewarding. It allowed me to challenge myself by pushing me to speak in public more confidently, despite the attention of others. I will highly recommend it.” – Stéphanie, June 2022

“I found the training course very interesting and I walk out with plenty of tools I can use to popularise in my company.” – Sarah, June 2022

“Very interesting training course, even though it was given online. The advice was always constructive. Good balance between theory and practice.”  – Joanna, June 2021

“Excellent course. I appreciated the attention and flexibility of the trainer.” – Annie, July 2020

“The content is very relevant and the tips given are fitting and practical.” – Emmanuel, June 2020

“The trainer had great interpersonal skills. And knew how to adapt very well. Usually the training course is given in-person, and it was the first time it was conducted online, well done!” – Bénédicte, April 2020

“I am very satisfied with this science popularisation training course which was tailored to meet our issues.” – Aranie, October 2019


2 days

Languages available


People concerned

Technical or scientific experts, engineers, teachers, researchers

Number of participants

Up to 6 people

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