A training course to master
your communication
with the press

A journalist is interviewing me, what is their goal? Can I refuse to answer? Should I tell the truth? How can I be credible? Journalists split the people they are led interview in 2 categories: “bad clients” and “good clients”. If you manage to be part of the second category, you will give interviews that get right to the point, without requiring a large amount of “translation work” from the journalist to develop their subject. You will then be considered the expert to interview in your field.


Understand journalists better
Foster professional relationships
Master interviewing rules
Overcome stage fright


Theoretical explanations
Filmed interview with feedback and debrief
Speech exercises (intonation, rhythm, diction…)


Understand journalists better
Information sources
The various media
How editorial staff work
Journalists’ expectations

Foster professional relationships
Press conference
Right to reply
Press release
‘Off the record’ communication

Master interviewing rules
Key message
Hierarchy of information
Getting prepared for an interview
Speech clarity
Benefits and drawbacks of a live interview
Phone, radio, TV and newspaper interviews
Interview in a crisis situation

Overcome stage fright
Learn to relax
Develop your concentration


You wish to participate in a training course to master your communication with journalists. Below you will find feedback from former participants.

“Excellent training course. The program was adapted to researchers, with many concrete examples. The trainer quickly put us at ease and her comments were very helpful to address our postures, filler words, vague answers, etc.” – Catherine, September 2022

“Great trainer, very attentive. She gives good advice and knows how to adapt to participants.” – Laurent, September 2022

“The training course was adapted to my needs and the trainer was very attentive.” – Anne-Laure, March 2022

“Thank you for your advice and coaching, both were very important and necessary for an inexperienced person like me.” – Florence, September 2021

“Filming the interview is a good exercise.” – David, June 2019

“A clear understanding of the expectations of journalists.” – Philippe, April 2019

“An excellent knowledge of the topic with very enriching discussions.” – Laurie, June 2018


2 days

Languages available


People concerned

Any person that may be interviewed by a journalist

Number of participants

Up to 6 people

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