Training in
"My Thesis in 180 Seconds" for PhD students

This training course for competitions such as “My Thesis in 180 Seconds” and “Three Minute Thesis” is made up of 3 sessions. During the first session, the PhD students construct a first version of their pitch. The second day, in small groups, they work on their presentation to make it more clear and concise. On the actual day of their talk, a technical rehearsal allows the participants to familiarise themselves with the stage, room and microphone.


Structure your 3-minute presentation
Reinforce your pitch
Improve your confidence
Familiarise yourself with the stage


SESSION 1: talk on the basics of the 3-minute style

Structure your presentation
Develop your message and structure your talk
Assimilate tools for popularising science

Learn to condense a speech into 3 minutes
Distinguish the essential from the superfluous
Adapt your talk to the “Three Minute Thesis” style

SESSION 2: training in small groups

Reinforce your pitch
Clarify the contents
Find elements to be memorable

Improve your confidence
Reduce stress by using breathing techniques
Use correct body language

SESSION 3: technical rehearsal

On the day of the competition, a coach will carry out a technical rehearsal. The candidates rehearse their presentations in the lecture hall where the competiton will take place so that they can familiarise themselves with the stage, room and microphone.


You wish to participate in a training course to learn how to present your thesis in 3 minutes. Below you will find feedback from former participants.

“It is valuable to get an outside perspective. It really helped to shorten our speech and make it more dynamic.” – Elise, January 2020

“The trainer was very attentive and curious, and always tried to understand the subject of my thesis to improve my presentation.” – Nasreddine, October 2019

“The training course is based on exercises, which makes it rich and effective.” – Abdelhak, October 2019

“The training is given in small groups, which makes it very useful and well-conducted: the feedback was very positive.” – Rémi, March 2019


Initial talk: ½  day
Training: 1 day per group
Technical rehearsal: ½ day

Languages available


People concerned

PhD students and/or candidates for a 3-minute thesis competition
Initial talk: Up to 200 people
Training: Up to 5 people
Technical rehearsal: Up to 20 personnes

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