Science poster test
in 8 questions

You have 60 seconds to evaluate the attractiveness of a scientific poster. Here is a science poster test with some items to consider:

General appearance

0 – Messy or cluttered.
1 – Nice to look at. Good use of colors, graphics and text.

Use of white space

0 – Very little. Concentration of texts and graphics.
1 – The poster sections are well separated.

Text / pictures balance

0 – Too much or not enough text.
1 – Good balance. The texts and graphics are well spread across the poster. There is enough text to understand the graphics.

Text size

0 – Too small to be legible from 1.5 m, including captions and pictures.
1 – Easily legible from 1.5 m.


0 – We don’t know how to look at the poster.
1 – The various poster sections can be easily thanks to the titles.


0 – Unclear to non-specialists.
1 – Identifies the topic and sums up the message.

Author identification

0 – Absent.
1 – Present: it specifies the author’s name and how to contact them by mail or e-mail.

Research objectives

0 – Absent.
1 – Present and easy to spot.

Your total is 8 points? Congratulations, your posters are attractive and make people want to read them.

At Agent Majeur, we provide a range of science communication training courses, including a module on how to design attractive posters. Alternatively, check out our other articles on the subject via our blog for more tips on how to improve the quality of your posters.

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