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Wildlife: popularise
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How do you popularise wildlife research for non-specialist readers? Even though the films by Jacques Perrin or David Attenborough have paved the way for the masses to learn about and become more aware of wildlife, sicence writing still needs precise knowledge. How to write in order to be best understood by the general public? This was the question that research teams wanted to address after being recently trained on a module called ‘How to write an article for the general public’.

To help them in their reflection and improve the quality of their articles, Agent Majeur crafted a customised training course. The starting point for this project was to look at articles published by a reference magazine in the field and texts written by the participants themselves. Using this as a basis, they worked on summarising, structuring and reformulating their work.

White goose, brown bear and grey heron; during the training course everyone was able to work on their own texts. Based on journalistic writing codes, titles were made catchier, sentences were shortened and passive statements were removed. Particular attention was given to illustrations to simplify them and increase their attractiveness.

Science outreach requires both contents and a container: content and form in perfect harmony. This allowed the extraordinary work of these experts to be broadcast using clear language to explain both the methods used and that of the results obtained. Conservation of certain species works, in part, by acheiving a better spread of the information available to the general public and politicians.

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