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Write a PhD in English:
at Ecole polytechnique

Writing a PhD thesis is daunting… You have been in the lab working on a piece of research for several years, you have devoted your life to your subject and now it’s time to start putting all your hard work down onto paper. To make it worse, it will be critiqued and marked by a jury of experts in your subject who won’t let you off lightly. The pressure is on to present your research in its best light.

A PhD dissertation has a page count in the region of 200-300 pages and will take no less than three months of your time to complete. Even the bravest of us are intimated by the idea of embarking on such a mammoth task: planning, writing, editing, illustrations, figures, proofreading and supervisor feedback are just a few of the landmarks you will have to overcome. Do you feel like there is no time to lose but you have no idea where to start?

Earlier this year, we sent one of our science writing coaches to the prestigious Ecole polytechnique to train nine PhD candidates how to write a thesis dissertation in English. Designed for an international audience, this training course incorporates all the skills required to effectively complete the document. PhD candidates learnt how to identify the expectations of their jury, how to plan for the months ahead, what a good thesis looks like, how to write efficiently about complex ideas in English, how to successfully edit or proofread their own work and much more…

This three-day course is packed full of techniques and custom-built exercises that can improve every part of your thesis from start to finish. Participants enjoyed a range of different examples and extracts from existing theses to learn how to make their own work better. Now, they have all the skills they need to produce a polished final draft in several months’ time.

So yes, writing a PhD thesis is daunting – but it doesn’t have to be!

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