Project Description

TRL/DRL: creating
an e-learning site

A leading group in the field of people and goods transportation called upon Agent Majeur’s know-how to train their employees in the concepts of TRL and DRL. Our work consisted of creating an e-learning training module from scratch to be made available on their intranet. The elements involved were graphic design in accordance with the customer’s visual identity, website development, text writing, illustrations and video production.

To be successfully introduced onto the market, a product or a service coming from the R&D sector must be sufficiently ‘mature’ from both a technological and commercial standpoint. This maturity is measured using two scales. Nowadays, the terms are integrated into the research and innovation landscape both in France and abroad. The first scale, known as TRL or ‘Technology Readiness Level’, measures the technological maturity of the innovation. The second scale, known as DRL or ‘Demand Readiness Level’, rates its commercial maturity. When coupled together, these scales produce a significant overview how far along the development phase an innovation is.

The educational objectives of this e-learning module are twofold: to understand the TRL/DRL concepts and to know how to use them. Agent Majeur exploited  its expertise in both science communication and educational engineering to support the client by precisely responding to their requirements.

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