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software demonstration

software demonstration

January is the month of reviews. In research institutions, it’s a good time to check up on the past years projects: objectives, results obtained, next steps etc. Therefore, our client, a software R&T department, organises a software demonstration series at this time of year for particularly significant projects. Carried out one by one in front of internal clients and the board of directors, these presentations shine a spotlight on the achievements and expertise of the researchers.

To make this meeting a success, Agent Majeur coached 10 speakers to prepare their presentations, materials and demonstrations. Each researcher benefited from two, individual, half-day coaching sessions. Our objective was to both clarify content and adapt relevant communication techniques to make a lasting impact on the audience. There are several ways to make a demonstration memorable, for example: audience interaction, metaphors or humour.

On the 15th January, with our help, the 30 selected VIPs were immersed in projects such as cybersecurity research, now generation processors or artificial intelligence. Topics vital for staying on top of the game in technology!

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