Project Description

Researchers: how to
communicate with decision makers

Researchers in the private sector need to promote their work to internal decision makers. This means that they need to be able to simultaneously make the goals of their work understood, communicate progress and initiate new projects. To succeed and provide the teams with the appropriate tools, the director of a research group working in the field of electronics called upon Agent Majeur. A course of action was put into effect which included consulting, training, writing and translating, to be carried out in four steps.

First, Agent Majeur ran a brainstorming session with the head of research along with his close collaborators. Together, they reviewed the communication procedures towards decision makers and took an inventory of all the key elements to be highlighted using index cards (in English) dedicated to the presentation of a laboratory or research topic.

Second, Agent Majeur defined the topics for two pilot index cards. The idea was to only keep the information promoting the progress of the group’s projects, the stumbling blocks and perspectives. Then, a graphic designer from Agent Majeur worked on the layout of these index cards. The templates were produced using PowerPoint to make it easier for researchers to fill them in.

Agent Majeur next ran a written communication training session to help the researchers come up with their message and write articulate, concise index cards. Oral communication techniques were also discussed to teach them how to present the group’s activities, when distributing them.

Finally, Agent Majeur helped the researchers individually, to write or finalise their texts and select illustrations. A translator validated the vocabulary and English terminology. With these index cards, researchers now own communication aids they can print and update as and when needed.

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