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Property development:
communicating innovation


© Illustration by Agent Majeur

On the outskirts of big towns, development plots are becoming increasingly rare. Converting industrial wastelands into housing, offices and commercial spaces can help to make the most of new plots that were, until then, considered unattractive.

Linkcity, in charge of building development for Bouygues Construction, has conceived this town of tomorrow. Just outside an RER station, they will integrate a whole series of innovations to reduce problems caused by sound and vibrations from passing trains. This new area will also be sustainable and facilitate space-sharing. It will contain several mutual spaces and fixtures with exemplary features from an ecological point of view.

To develop their presentations of this project and obtain a construction permit, Linkcity called upon Agent Majeur. First, two consultants ran a brainstorming session to determine the objectives of the presentations and the target stakeholders: council, local collectives, developers and partners. They then created a clear and captivating PowerPoint presentation, showcasing each of the projects innovations.

For this, the Agent Majeur team came up with a story around people living and working in this re-invented town. The illustrations, modelled on the architect’s original drawings, help visualise these innovations and the associated benefits.

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