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A poster session
to promote
research teams

A poster session to promote research teams

After months of lockdown and restriction, the year 2022 marked the return of in-person events, especially internal events for team building. It is in this context that the Research & Innovation Centre for Energy (RICE) of GRTgaz, created an event called “Marketplace”. Its objective: to allow teams to meet and discuss their work.

RICE has a workforce of 100 men and women: doctoral graduates, engineers, project managers, research technicians and support roles. Spread over two sites in the Paris region, the staff works on the transformation of gas infrastructures to promote the energy transition.

The “Marketplace” event was organized for the first time this year and consisted in a half-day poster session. Each team presented their work with a poster, created with the help of Agent Majeur.

In total, 20 posters were designed by our scientific communication agency. Our mission began with the creation of several poster templates. We determined, according to the RICE laboratory activities, the different sections which would make up the poster. This first step led to four different templates, depending on the type of content.

Once the templates were created, the RICE researchers filled them with the information they wanted to present on the poster. Then, one of our science reporters had a phone appointment and email exchanges. She helped them to work on the text, clarify their messages and choose their illustrations.

Meanwhile, our graphic designer started to create poster designs in line with the visual identity of GRTgaz. Once the content of the posters was approved, she did the poster layout and designed custom-made illustrations.

On the day of the “Marketplace” event, meetings were organized to allow collaborators to discover other research subjects. The topics included: “Managing gas networks and anticipating the long-term demand”, “Promoting the emergence of sectors for novel methane processes”, or “Characterizing metal pipelines”. The “Marketplace” event thus allowed to show the diversity of subjects covered by the research centre of GRTgaz.

From now on, the 20 posters will be displayed in the RICE premises. An excellent way for this research centre to showcase its works for visitors all year round.

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