Project Description

5 new research
laboratories to tour

Presenters from Agent Majeur have already lead 14 research and development laboratory visits. This year, 5 state-of-the-art laboratories were added to their portfolio. But how is a visit prepared?

Prior to the visit, the speaker meets the researchers and their facilities then asks them questions to extract the key elements. More than simply reciting a speech, the speaker’s goal is to convey a clear message adapted to the audience so that the visit is interactive and exciting. All of which must be done in a given timeframe, along with well-defined safety rules.

The sensitivity (or confidentiality) of certain subjects – nuclear power, genetics – can make the exercise a little bit more difficult. The speaker must be prepared to face delicate questions, which we cannot avoid. Beacuse of this, we must make sure that the presenters know how to formulate their responses in line with the institution being visited.

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