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Media training
for the AXA Research Fund

Media training for the AXA Research Fund

For the past ten years, the AXA Research Fund has supported researchers who contribute to societal progress all over the world. They have funded over 560 projects in scientific research and been supported in health, environment, new technologies and socioeconomics.

To encourage their post-doctoral researchers to share their work with the public and provide them with the tools to succeed, the AXA Research Fund offered them a media training course which combined a pitch training session and a social media workshop. Agent Majeur designed this custom workshop in English and provided 3 trainers over 2 days on the subject #ShareYourAXAResearch.

For the occasion, 16 post-doc researchers from round the world gathered in Paris where they learnt to present their subject in 2 minutes 30 seconds, first in front of the AXA Research Fund scientific board who selected them. Then, the next day, in front of research experts from across AXA. It was the perfect event to share knowledge and to imagine new collaborations.

Our idea for these presentations was to focus each pitch on one or several people that stand to benefit from each research topic. Each grantee chose an individual, real or fictional, and presented a photo of them. A patient in Hong Kong? A politician in Madrid? A farmer in Nigeria? The possibilities were endless and allowed the grantees to bring both a human and a pragmatic vision to their work.

In addition, our expert in social media for scientists taught them how to use Twitter to get people talking more about them and their work. If you want to know more about this workshop, search the hashtag #ShareYourAXAResearch in Twitter and you will find us.

Finally, our team also filmed the presentations of these researchers to broadcast to the world on YouTube. In this list of videos, you will discover the pitch of Alberto Cardacci from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Italy. He explains why certain people believe that they are richer than they actually are.

Another subject, another problematic: Eve Fabre talks about the link between hierarchy and risk-taking in stressful conditions, notable in aeroplane cockpits.

To relive the event in a SumUp, check out a summary of the two-day training course produced by Agent Majeur.

If you would like to watch the presentations of the other 16 grantees, you will find a link here to the rest of the videos from #ShareYourAXAResearch of the YouTube channel of the AXA Research Fund.

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