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New Space:
the R&T conference of your dreams

For the past eight years, Agent Majeur has taken part in a large international Research & Technology conference about space. Having previously covered propulsion and robotics, the theme of the 2017 edition is particularly promising: New Space. But what exactly is it?

Up until recently the space conquest was propelled by the States and structured by agencies such as ESA, NASA and other big national projects. But, today we are seeing a transformation of the entire sector because, for several years now, new private actors are also getting involved in major projects. These include: beginning mining activities on the moon, designing factories in space, space travel for tourists and sending a constellation of satellites into orbit. We are in the middle of a revolution involving the democratisation of access to outer space.

During this conference, entirely in English, around 15 European scientists will present their research studying these new challenges. Defining a message, constructing a speech and improving presentation materials are amongst the areas where our communication coaches are currently providing training and support for the speakers. In parallel, a dozen scientific posters were produced, with the help of a science writer and translator, to illustrate each research theme.

Overall, around 300 people are expected at this event, which will take place in November. Without a doubt, each of these incredible projects will propel the attendees into the stars!

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