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Building a communication strategy

Communication is like hiking: if you don’t want to get lost, you need to know where you are going. In order to reach your destination, a communication strategy will be your best ally. This effective compass for communicators defines guidelines and priority actions. Getting perspective is vital to build a communication strategy in order to analyse current communication practices, goals to achieve and the company’s environment.

A fresh look is precisely what we provide when we are hired by companies and research institutes. Recently, we built several communication strategies for clients from diverse backgrounds: the field of social sciences, the space sector, the energy sector, the cosmetics industry…these communication strategies can be global or more targeted, such as social media strategies, or strategies designed for a specific audience like policy makers.

To carry out these missions, which often last two to three months, we structure our work in different stages. We begin by analysing our clients’ communication mediums. Next, we organise one or several brainstorming sessions with our clients. Indeed, to identify the right communication practices, we need to understand their values, their missions and the environment in which they operate. In other words, we need to grasp what makes our clients unique.

In parallel, we benchmark the communication strategies of competing or inspiring companies in the same sector. We then compare this study with the analysis of our clients’ communication practices and the information collected during our brainstorming sessions.

In the following step, our consultants interview project managers, experts and other key individuals. They help us to understand in more detail the themes identified as a priority, what they consist of, the expected results, deadlines, etc. This is why our communication strategy missions spread out over several weeks. Finally, we summarise all the collected information in order to define the narrative, communication channels and actions adapted to the goals, targets and needs of our clients.

When our clients contact us to build their communication strategy, they wish to change their image and need an outside perspective to find a better way to communicate. Step by step, they gain insight on how to talk about themselves and stand out from their competitors. Every company is unique, and as such, it also needs a customized communication strategy.

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