Project Description

Communication package
for an EU project

The European Union are helping drive the energy transition by providing essential resources to the R&D sector. Currently, their aim is to accomplish a climate neutral Europe by 2050. In moving toward that goal, they are funding various research projects around the world to drive the development of promising sustainable energy technologies. With grants of this type, there is a requirement to invest in communication and dissemination of the objectives and results obtained.

SIMBIOSE, a three-year EU-funded research project by Naval Energies and Ifremer, are developing a technology known as OTEC. In tropical regions, this technology uses thermal exchangers to generate electricity based on the difference in temperature between cold and warm seawater. Previous work has determined effective methods for optimising the capacity of the OTEC technology by reducing the build-up of biological matter, known as biofouling, in the machinery. The SIMBIOSE project aims to continue improving the effectiveness of this technology, whilst preserving the marine ecosystem.

The team called up Agent Majeur to help them design and implement their communication package. Their initial requirements were: a visual identity with a logo, a website aimed at a wider audience and a brochure to take to conferences. We accompanied them in defining an image that best represented the research project and their values. These include healthy oceans, renewable energy and efficient technology. Then, our consultants, along with our graphic designers and web team worked together to incorporate these into the production process.

For the logo, the colour palette uses complementary blue and green to represent both the ocean and nature. Moreover, the icon used to for the ‘S’ represents the thermal exchanger technology under study in the project.

The objective of the brochure is to present the project to a scientific audience at conferences and meetings. We aimed to provide an eye-catching product, with sufficient context to understand the relevance and the impact of SIMBIOSE. Using a four-fold double-sided flyer format we compartmentalised the information, providing a pleasant reader-experience.

Finally, to align the web-design phase with a limited communication budget, the website was built upon a pre-selected WordPress theme. We wrote content based on the sections available and customised the style in line with the visual identity. The result is an attractive, slick website with easy-reading information, which the SIMBIOSE team can easily update as the results come in over the next three years.

Feel free to check out the website for yourself here:

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