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What is the future of nuclear energy in France? You can find out soon in a MOOC created by the French Nuclear Energy Society (SFEN) and the National Institut of Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN). Constructed around talks from 15 speakers, the online course will cover economic, environmental and industrial issues surrounding nuclear energy. Of course, Agent Majeur provides MOOC coaching.

To cover such a vast subject as clearly as possible, the SFEN and INSTN asked Agent Majeur to accompany their speakers. For the 8 days of production, our two coaches worked together to improve the content and structure of each segment. In terms of content, their goal was to help make the modules more accessible and lively for learners: students, public and professionals. In terms of structure, our team helped the experts to gain in confidence in front of the camera and improve their gaze, body language and rhythm.

As a citizen or consumer, you are no doubt asking yourself many questions about nuclear power. How much does it cost to build a nuclear park? How is the waste dealt with? What impact will it have on France’s economy? How can the security of nuclear installations be monitored? You will find all the answers to these questions by registering between now and 16th March on the FunMOOC website.

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