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Clinical research:
ECRIN shows itself in video

Clinical research: ECRIN shows itself in video

“Opening doors to European Clinical Research”. This is the slogan of the video which we made for ECRIN. Since 2004, this non-profit public organization facilitates international clinical trials throughout Europe. To date, it brings together 12 countries: the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Switzerland and Slovakia. Thanks to its geographic distribution, ECRIN knows the national regulations, the health systems and the administrative burden in each of these locations. Furthermore, the local correspondents speak the languages of the different countries, which is essential to undertake administrative procedures on site.

Clinical studies involve three main actors: the promoter, who is the person or the organisation who initiated the clinical investigation, for example a university or a research institute; the investigator, who is the person conducting the clinical study; and finally, the patients. Concretely, ECRIN supports promoters and investigators during the preparation of funding applications, the evaluation of protocols, the implementation of clinical trials, the assessment of quality assurance, etc.

In order to present its activities and specificities, ECRIN wanted an institutional video to show during meetings, at conferences or on its website. More specifically, our client wanted to make two versions of this video, a “long” three-minute video and a “short” one-minute video. These two films had to convey the same message: ECRIN facilitates multi-country clinical trials in Europe.

Our team therefore came up with the idea that we could pass this message with images of opening doors, hence its slogan: “Opening doors to European Clinical Research”. Another characteristic of this film, is that it brings together people working in different countries. Indeed, the strength of ECRIN, is its European network. Though its headquarters are based in Paris, it was important to show the European scale of this organisation.

To highlight the international reach of ECRIN, six people from five different countries appear in the video. Some of them are promoters or investigators for clinical research who relied on ECRIN, others are employees. Each of them, in his or her own way, makes it possible to understand the missions of ECRIN. In fact, the shooting of the video also crossed borders, as it took place in three European cities: Oslo in Norway, Heidelberg in Germany and Paris in France.

With these films, our client can highlight its European scope and explain its missions by letting its teams and partners do the talking. A lovely way to feature ECRIN’s strengths with words and images.

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