Project Description

R&D visit:
a research centre audit

Well-kept grounds, impeccable offices, large-windowed rooms that let you see researchers at work… it is important that research laboratories convey a modern and professional image.

Agent Majeur has just undertaken an audit for the research centre of a pharmaceutical laboratory. Specialised in the development of drugs for skin disease, this R&D site has nearly 500 staff.

Our client wishes to develop a new guided tour to allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the researchers’ day-to-day activities. Dermatologists and scientists working in the domain are thus able to discover how a new drug is created step-by-step.

Two Agent Majeur consultants went to the laboratory for a day-long audit. This consisted of three steps: a preliminary questionnaire to take stock of existing practices and communication objectives, a visit to familiarise themselves with the site, and participation in a typical tour to assess researchers’ presentations in situ.

This audit allowed them to put forward well-defined recommendations to make the guided tour, and the supporting materials used, clear and coherent.

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