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For the layout of a document, we recommend you take on board some of the methods used by professional graphic designers: contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity. Read on for our list of graphic design tips.

To catch the eye, contrast is second to none. Be it through character font (large characters, bold characters) or color, contrast focuses the audience’s attention where you want to.

To unify a document, use repetition. By repeating graphic elements over several pages, you bring unity to your document.

Alignment provides structure and consistency. We recommend that you align your text and graphic elements throughout your document.

Proximity, is putting items side by side (physical proximity) with the same meaning (intellectual proximity). This link between close items facilitates the understanding of documents.

Keep in mind that empty space is precious. It allows the reader to rest and think about what they have just read. It gives them directions within the document, helps them find their bearings and choose the items they are interested in. Don’t be excessive: too much white is detrimental to reading continuity.

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